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RMDS Institute


The Institute is the only higher education research institute in the field of "Defense Resource Management and Decision-making" in universities and colleges across the country. It is irreplaceable and important. The industry-university cooperation and interaction are close. The research results of graduate students are sent to the employer for reference every year, and the practical needs of the management and supervision units are understood in the interview interaction. In addition to meeting the teaching needs of various courses (manpower planning, decision science, and resource management), our faculty specialties also have many years of experience in defense-related units or grassroots units, which helps to plan relevant practical teaching and enhance the research implications of the paper. Provide graduate career contacts. The teacher's teaching part adopts multiple mechanisms to ensure the quality of teaching. The assessment mechanism includes teaching performance evaluation, final discussion, curriculum committee and graduation alumni opinion survey. In addition to understanding whether teaching activities are effective and becoming a learning goal, it is also a reference for future curriculum planning improvement.

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AssistantMiss Huang Xinyu

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