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This department is the only department in the country with military law as its teaching characteristics. It aims to cultivate national legal professional officers in national defense legal affairs and personnel administration. The curriculum design is in addition to various civil and criminal substantive and procedural laws and administrative laws. These include public international law, the law of the sea, the law of armed conflict, military trials in wartime, the criminal law and punishment law of the land, sea and air force, defense procurement, and national defense personnel regulations. The bachelor class is based on basic law theory, and the master's class focuses on cross-disciplinary research. The course content is based on the professional literacy of the legal person who cultivates students' overall thinking, logical deduction and clear discourse, and can use academic and meticulous thinking to establish the functions of legal professional officers and engage in various legal practices and policy work of various units of the national army. 

TEL: 02-2896-6301 to 604336

Assistant: Miss Zhang Jiayu

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08:00~11:30 am

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