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109 Chonglian Cup Softball Student Team Champion and Second Runner-up Competition

The student group of the Chonglian Cup Softball Tournament in 109 came to the final stage. The Second Student Squadron vs. the Fourth Student Squadron competed for the championship and runner-up.
In the game, the second squadron first attacked. In the first game, there was a wonderful offensive and defensive battle. Both sides tried their best, cannon hits and scored, struggling to catch the ball and defend against the wall, showing everyone's enthusiasm for the game and determination to win. The great and perfect defense competed against each other, the cheering was deafening, one after another, and both teams wanted to win honor for their team.
Finally, the final round was reached. The fourth squadron exchanged offensive and defensive shots by catching three high-flying shots, and finally hit a home run, flipped the tension, successfully reversed the victory, and won the final championship with a score of 10 to 9. The two sides lined up to each other. Thanks, not arrogant in victory, and not discouraged in defeat. Both sides took photos with the contestants and left beautiful memories.
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