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Call for Papers for the 27th National Defense Management Academic and Practical Seminar in 2019

Paper submission method
Submission method:
1 adopt the method of public call for submission, link ====> submission website
2. The contributors should upload the manuscript to the submission website before March 25, 2007 (1), according to the paper format (such as Attachment 01, each page is limited to 15 pages).
(Responsible person: Teacher Yan Guoji E-mail: ddg007kimo@yahoo.com.tw)
3. Each paper will be selected in accordance with the priority of the results, "winning" and "good works".
Discussion method:
First, the papers are grouped according to the theme of the seminar. It is expected that 12 papers will be published and 36 papers will be published.
Second, the papers are submitted, the questions are discussed and the way of commenting. It is expected that 3 papers will be published in each session (including 1 practical paper), and each paper will be used for 12 minutes (3 articles total 36 minutes). Two commentators Each article is used for 4 minutes (3 articles for 24 minutes), and each session is discussed and discussed for 20 minutes, for a total of 80 minutes.
Manuscript alert review:
The contributor is requested to download the paper submission confidentiality review form (please download it on the submission website) to conduct a confidential review of the submitted materials to maintain data security and personal rights. The documents are divided into two parts: "Intra-school use" and "External school use". Please submit the smart review procedure according to the form. Please fill in the external school. Relevant information should be converted to PDF file format after review.
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