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Announcement of the Journal of National Defense Management, Volume 40, Issue 1

1. The Journal of National Defense Management is an academic journal issued by the School of Management of the National Defense University. It covers the academic fields of human resources, financial management, logistics management, information management, resource decision-making, military law, procurement management, and battlefield management, especially with the military. In combination with the discussion, or can clarify the manuscript of its military management implications, we sincerely welcome experts and scholars to contribute. All the manuscripts must be original and retrospective. The articles published in other journals or reviewers will not be published. The manuscripts are intended to be streamlined and rigorous. The journal does not pay remuneration and does not charge the publication fee. In the current issue of the journal, the manuscript is collected and submitted to the draft for the whole year.

2. Interested contributors should go to the journal(s journals and journals for submission.

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